What’s Up With The Pope?

What’s up with the Pope?  Why the sudden retirement?  Look, I’m not going to believe anything the Vatican says because they own the copyright on propaganda.  This is one seriously corrupt organization and I don’t understand how people can even stay on board.  The minute the first nickel was paid out on a child rape law suit you would think the whole thing would come crashing down but not only did that not happen, they continued to hire and hide pedophiles implying a positive stance on the sexual abuse of children.  The Catholic church rivals only NAMBLA with their position on pedophilia for fuck sake and we’re all in agreement that THAT organization is evil.  So how do people continue to follow Catholicism when they know they’ve covered up the rape of children by their “party”?  I say party because its reminiscent – here we go – of Nazism.  And I also find it interesting that the Pope is German and looks like a Nazi war criminal but I’ll save that for another day.

Seriously, Catholics KNOW their party is involved in sexual violence against children yet they continue to follow the way some Germans were against the persecution of the Jews during WWII but continued to follow Hitler. With one difference:  if you opposed Hitler it was certain death.  If you oppose Catholicism nothing happens to you.  Nothing.  You can even sue them.  There are no consequences.  Are Catholics that afraid of God?   Did Jesus himself not throw a shit fit when he found how corrupt the church was thereby denouncing it to his followers?   (I found a newly authenticated photograph of Jesus doing just this – check it out below) When did the Catholics forget about Jesus and the stand that must be taken against corruption in the name of god? Is fear that great a thing that it can cause people to live contrary to their own instincts and beliefs?

Hell yeah it is.

My step-mother is a rip roaring Catholic.  RIP roaring.  She’s also an amazing mother and I know if she were to walk in on a priest raping a child she would gouge his fucking eyes out at the very least.  Then go to mass the next day.  Somehow, she would reconcile it and I can think of nothing in the human psyche that acts like such a “switch” but fear.  Catholics are addicted to dogma and afraid to live without it.   They’re god junkies.  How else can you explain why good people of conscience look the other way on the Catholic church’s history of employing known pedophiles and covering up their felonious shenanigans when caught?

If you can’t tell by now, I am not a fan of the Catholic church.  I was baptized into that nonsense as an infant and went along with a few of the early-life sacraments because they’re strategically placed in the years where you haven’t figured out the sham but once I did ,  I ditched and never went back.  People like me call themselves “recovering Catholics”.  I don’t even admit that much.

So back to the original question: why is the Pope leaving?  My father and I got into this discussion yesterday and he too is a Catholic though not of the rip-roaring variety.  He actually considers the evidence of corruption in his church but I think at 75 he’s just too lazy  to leave.  You know, like how old people have to be extracted from houses that are collapsing around them because they can’t deal with leaving their lifetime home.  Is this why so many people remain in this faith even though they suspect they shouldn’t?  Laziness?

Something has happened with Pope Nazi and it’s not good.  If he had cancer or something, they would say so.  He hasn’t lost his faculties because I just saw on the news that he did the blessing from the window and he was completely coherent unlike that last Pope who couldn’t even form words.  And they still made him do the window routine, poor bastard.  It was hard to watch.

I have to suspect something even worse than what we already know about the Catholic church is going to break with the resignation of the Pope.  I also have to suspect that Catholics around the world will justify it.

Sometimes I wonder if I envy their ignorance.


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11 responses to “What’s Up With The Pope?

  1. You bring out the RANT in me. Let’s keep telling it like it is! Someone sure the hell has to…

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! You just did a rant that makes me proud to know you…

  3. say Conclave five times fast.

    it’s like the clicking sound the nuns made with their tongues in the library. It’s the one you hear in the back of your mind when you unbutton the top button of your blouse. and then the second button from the top, just because you know you shouldn’t. Or when you kneel down and rest your backside on the pew and try to fake repentance for masturbating the night before. But you aren’t sorry. and when you look up at that cute boy across the aisle, you see that he isn’t sorry either… and you wonder, why the fuck is everyone listening to rules made up by old men wearing red shoes and attire which allows them to hide their hard-ons for all the precious little vulnerable children kneeling before them.

    Why did they put pews in churches anyway. If you want to sing to the Lord you have much better breath control standing up.

    Oh, did i forgot to mention it’s my Spew in the Pew Day?

  4. I’m sick of the word “conclave”. Conclave. It’s weird.

  5. So agree with Crimmins! My issues with the church match yours. Except I can’t even call it a church– it’s an organization…who’s rising to the top as the next CEO? who gets the popemobile and the tall parking space? Who gets all the shiny gold and the pubescent male secretary…

  6. Don’t forget the bad teeth!! HA!

  7. Atreyu Crimmins

    Precisely. We weren’t your overlords for nothing. Tea, tennis and buggery galore. Pip pip!

  8. Buggery. See, this is a good argument for why America should never have broke with England. We lost words like “buggery”. Damn it.

  9. Atreyu Crimmins

    I’m in bloody buggery stitches here!

  10. ohforandy

    Still amazing.
    I’m not sure if I have no soul, but I was not afflicted with Catholic guilt.
    Maybe it’s because my mother is a convert. The only thing worse than a recovering alcoholic, or smoker is a converted Catholic. Jesus!
    can’t wait for the whole story to come out, it’s GOTTA be good!

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